Systematic Approach to Writing an Essay

Systematic Approach to Writing an Essay

A systematic approach is essential in writing an essay. It is very important that the writer realizes the topic in its entirety and track the basic steps to keep it more meaningful and up to the mark. To write an effective essay, it is truly supportive to follow certain steps, which are discussed as follows.

Definition of the context:

The writer should define the context of writing an essay. Any piece of writing can acquire gratitude only if it defends its context.


A central topic is the theme of an essay.


The writer must gather ideal information from the available sources by consuming the internet, library and the significant data to gather the evidence to back up the thesis statements.


After collaborating the data and the appropriate information the author's can be assured of acquiring good knowledge of the topic and can even plan the structure of writing the essay points through an analysis of the arguments of the essay.


One of the greatest techniques to collect different and divergent thoughts about an essay topic is brainstorming. It also needs lots of insight and supports the writer to recognize the viewpoint of people in associating points and essay necessities.

Plan the essay:

The best idea can be selected and can be hardened to form the thesis statement. The authors should definitely plan an outline.

Writing the Body:

The introduction must grasp the reader's attention. Writers should certainly not simplify opening statements. The paragraphs must be focused on the thesis.

In-depth Reading & Language:

Correct use of grammar, creation of sentences and right flow of sentences is very important. There should be a connection between all the paragraphs and no sentence should be left hanging.


It is one of the vital elements of an essay. The writer must always summarize the points and recommend ways to deal with the topic holistically. The essay should be properly arranged according to the guidelines. The conclusion should reflect the essence of the complete essay.

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