What is an essay How to write a good essay

What is an essay How to write a good essay

What is an essay?

Essay is a word copied from the French word “ESSAYER”, which means to attempt or to try. Author’s own thoughts and interest can be reflected in an essay. Essay is defined as a normal chunk off for writing any topic in this world like education, sports, technology and biography essays and it is written in structural formatting so it can easily be understandable to everyone. Apart from this, users can develop their knowledge and improve their reading skills. In case the writing can change the reader's life. An essay should be useful to everyone and it can increase a reader’s interests for particular things.


How to write a good essay?

Nowadays many people think that essay writing is a dreaded task. In order to avoid their difficulties, here I have attached following points to reduce the complicated things an essay.

 1. Choose a topic:

In order to two different situations, you can be writing an essay. The first situation is when everyone give respects to our tutor. For Example a teacher gives homework for writing an essay tomorrow to you and then you take the essay writing situation. And second if you own interest may be choosing essay writing. How you to handle the first situation? I give some tips for these kinds of people. If you don’t know the topic an essay but the teacher can be assigned that topic to you, then worry about begin you fully analyze that topic an essay. And you search the internet or books through can use to  the reference for that topic .so, only you can  learning more knowledge about that topic and apart from getting some writing idea for you. Now you get an idea, that can be used to make some key points for that topic and explain the each and every points of the topic.

 How to handle the second situation? These kinds of people have an own interesting and improve their writing skill which is the reasons can they choose essay writing but they are didn’t know how to write an essay and this kind of people to write an essay can be easier than first situation people. Because they are choosing our own interesting topics so already they are known the basic knowledge and ideas about that topic. Then you take some key points for those topics and expand all the points.

  2. Prepare an outline or chart your ideas:

If you are writing a successful essay then must arrange your ideas an essay. So, these formats help you to the good strong foundation for your paper and then you create a chart to organize your subtopics.

Which topic you mainly focusing that topic can be concentrate and other topics you can concentrate lesser than main topic... So, my suggestion begins you writing an essay to draw a chart first and it can help you organizing your ideas .In order to use this format you write a successful essay.

 3. Write our important statement:

 Now you have chosen a topic and then can shorten your ideas in relevant categories after you must create an important statement. This important statement tells the reader can understand the point of your essay. That main statement has two parts one is states the topic and second part is to states the point of the essay. For example, you are writing about SachinTendulkar and his impact on the cricket, here important points are Sachin is the god of cricket and he makes an unbeatable milestone in his cricket life history. That achievement was he was the leading run-scorer an ODI and test cricket. It is an important point of this essay.


4. Write a body:

The essay can tell the explanation and description of your topic. Each your main idea for that chart or outline separate section within the body of your essay. All your  paragraph within the same structure .Begin you writing one of the main ideas  introductory sentences  and next to brief the main ideas, then to finally write a smaller ideas to help get together.

 5. Write an introduction:

 Now that you have developed your important statement and write the overall body of your essay .And then you must write an introduction part. The introduction part is should attract the reader's attention and shows the constant focus of your essay.

And you have more important give this introduction part. So, you can use readers attracting some words like shocking information, dialogues, a story, a quote and a simple summary of your topic. Then additionally include your essays important statement in two lines from adding the introductory part.


6. Write the conclusion:

 The conclusion to bring closure on your topic and it you give over all ideas to provide the final perspective of your ideas. The conclusion consists of three to five strong sentences to write and the conclusion can review your important points of the essay.


7. Additional Tips:

 After your conclusion you think about you finished the essay and this is the wrong thought. Before you consider finish the work you must pay attention to small ideas.

Check the order of y our paragraphs. Your strongest point present in first and last in the body than other points it include the middle of the body. At finally to check your grammar mistakes and spelling correcting that essay.

Wow! Congrats! Finally you have written a successful essay.

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