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We offer comprehensive academic help for a wide range of subjects, in high school, graduate and master levels.

Most of the tutors/writers at are based in India. We do have tutors/writers working from US, Canada and Australia as well. Regardless the locations, all our tutors/writers are experts in their respective fields and they are well experienced in the global standards of academic papers. So, the works delivered by us would match the expectations of any universities or institutions across the globe.

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Yes, we guarantee original work, written exclusively for each student. We never copy or buy or re-sell the works delivered.

Yes, our writers/tutors commence work on your assignment from scratch. They do refer the materials and textbooks you provide, for more clarity. Common phrases, like ‘hence, it is proved that’, or some standard definitions, may reflect as ‘replicated’, though we cite them only as references. Please note that this is NOT plagiarism.

We provide the completed assignments along with its Plagiarism test report. We offer 100% money back guarantee if more than 50% of our work is found to beplagiarized.

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We do not use automated pricing algorithm in our website which would have you calculate the price yourself. It is said to be a failed system, as it does not predict the work/effort involved in a paper to give you an accurate price. Most often, it is designed in a way to show a competitive price as a marketing tactic. But the actual cost they charge would vary from the cost the system estimated.

Hence, we have our Support Team who would interact with the respective tutor to estimate the work/effort involved, and get its price. So, our prices will be available only when you send us your assignment along with the related materials like assessment criteria, rubrics, additional resources, etc.

Having said that, we charge much less than most of our competitors. We believe in giving you’re your money’s worth. Hence, are charges are based on our requirements, size of the assignment, duration of delivery and topics covered. On submission of your assignment request, we will analyze and get back to you with the estimated charge and will start working only upon your confirmation along with a part/full payment.

It says “The reference papers provided by serve as model papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. These papers are intended to be used for learning and reference purposes only.” EDU Homeworkhelp intends to provide you with guidance on understanding your assignment/academic questions and not to replace your academic efforts designed to be part of your curriculum. We do not encourage students to submit our homework guidance, instead of your effort, to improve your grades. We intend our assignment help to be a guidance alone, to learn and refer. Personal effort is always rated high in bringing success.

You can use it as a study aid only. For more details, refer to our Terms of use.

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Tutoring in an online environment where our tutors talk and work with you live, makes the time and distance factors of personal tuition, redundant. The flexibility and personal attention it provides are major advantages of online tutoring. Below are few more questions that you may have.

I need an Online session with the Tutor. Is it possible?

Yes, we have Tutors for a wide range of subjects. You need to contact us with the complete details of your requirement. We will then schedule the appropriate tutor to have a session with you at a mutually convenient time.

Can a specific tutor be requested?

Yes, you can request a specific tutor.However, the appointment solely depends on the tutors’ schedule and personal preference.

Are background checks performed on all tutors?

Yes, only the tutors who have passed a background check by our verification team are allowed in our team.

Are the sessions monitored? By whom and how often?

A separate team of quality analysts and team leaders often monitor the tutoring sessions and the status of assignments by the tutors and report to the team manager. We never compromise on quality and therefore quality assurance is one of the toughest & systematic tasks that our company carries out.

What happens if we need to cancel a scheduled session?

You will have to inform us at least within 6 hours for cancellation, to enable us to refund 90% of the total fees. If cancelled after 6 hours and before 24 hours from the delivery time, 50% of the total fees will be refunded.

What is the minimum length of a tutoring session?

As every homework has its own complexity, we cannot assure you the length of the session before analyzing your request.

What are the computer requirements?

A fast working computer with a strong internet connection, a good working headset with a microphone is required for online tutoring sessions. Web camera is optional.

Is it necessary to purchase the textbook before a session?

Though it’s your option, we strongly recommend that you have a textbook during the session.

We do offer seasonal discounts. Keep checking our website regularly for attractive offers. You would also be notified through e-mails.

You can email your query to our support team at On receipt of your mail, our coordinators will look into your concern.

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